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L’Histoire de Mode~ Pannier

c. 1720

Pannier Hand Drawn Instructions (click photo to learn to make your own)

Pannier (clothing):

Are also known as side hoops are women’s undergarments

worn in the 18th century to extend the width of the skirts at

the side while leaving the front and back flat. This provided a

flat panel where boldly scaled woven patterns or rich embroidery

could be fully appreciated.The style originated in Spanish

court dress of the 17th century,familiar in portraits by Velázquez.

The fashion spread to France and from there to the rest of

Europe after c. 1718-1719, after some Spanish dresses had been

displayed in Paris. By mid-18th century it had been developed into the

robe à la française, which ensured that a woman took up three times

as much space as a man and always presented an imposing spectacle.

At their most extreme, in the French court of Marie Antoinette,

could extend the skirt several feet at each side. By the 1780s, panniers

were normally worn only to very formal gowns and within court fashion. The name

comes from panniers, a French term for wicker baskets (paniers in current

French) slung on either side of a pack animal. It is also

the name of a GWR 0-6-0 Tank engine with an iconic

rectangular boiler.


Court dress 1779 worn over extremely wide panniers.

Court ladies in a view of Vienna by Canaletto's nephew Bernardo Bellotto, c. 1760