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Spring/Summer ’11

Enchanted Picnic

Story Board

Once upon a time there was a fairy princess named Soraya. Princess Soraya was the most beautiful

fairy in all the land, fun, happy, & vibrant-all adored her. The princess was adventurous by

nature & everyday tried to venture closer and closer to the Enchanted forest. On this particular

day, Soraya was playing kickball and kicked the ball into the forest. With timid aprehension,

Soraya stepped into the forest chasing her ball when darkness suddenly surrounded her. A voice

was heard in the faint distsance. Crackling whispers. The Princess found herself tumbling

down a hill, by the time she stopped she saw everything changing. When she’s awaken

she is startled to see Zora, the nymph of folklore. The nymph turned the princess into a

succbus forever bound to the forest due to the king & queen’s aggressions. Soraya now

lures men into the Enchanted forest with the scent of food & a hypnotic

fragrance with the sole intent of ending them &

devouring their souls.

Enchanted Palette

Color Boards

The range sets your teeth on edge. The neon colors are whitened. Jelly pink is transparent, the pastels are

over-bright. The brights are on fire, tempered by a reasonable grey and a measured beige.

The colors represent a deceitfully bright pixie land that’s

been enshrouded by darkness & death.


Pantone Colors:

The top 10 Spring 2011 colors for women are:

CMYK 4-75-24-0
GOE 26-2-4
PLUS 205
CMYK 44-67-76-9
GOE 21-4-3
PLUS 876
Coral Rose
CMYK 0-63-86-0
GOE 19-1-4
PLUS 1645
CMYK 73-28-0-0
GOE 83-1-3
PLUS 660
CMYK 56-0-51-0
GOE 124-1-2
PLUS 7723
Blue Curacao
CMYK 63-0-22-0
GOE 98-1-3
PLUS 3115
CMYK 0-30-78-0
GOE 9-1-3
PLUS 157
CMYK 33-32-0-0
GOE 56-1-2
PLUS 522
Silver Peony
CMYK 3-13-15-0
GOE 13-4-1
PLUS 7604
Silver Cloud
CMYK 25-19-23-0
GOE 158-1-1
PLUS warm gray 3

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