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Rachel Zoe NYFW lookbook



Rachel Zoe is far too pregnant to schlep to New York to show

her debut contemporary collection at NYFW. Luckily, she’s

released the full look book. Zoe describes her collection as

“uptown chic and downtown cool infused with Parisian elegance

and London street style.” There’s a lot of YSL le smoking-inspired

tuxes and suiting, and ’70s style boho silk blouses with bows

and tiered ruffled dresses. It’s all very Zoe, even though, she

previously told WWD, “I’d imagine everybody is expecting

something from me that’s kind of a Seventies, uberboho-

glam kind of thing, and, you know, very accessorized.

And it’s not.” Judge for yourself. “Seventies uberboho-

glam” or not, it’s all pretty cute and utterly wearable.


I must say that I did look through the lookbook & honestly there isn’t anything to see that’s new. I would love to have said that it was a clear hit & miss for the majority of the collection but it would be a complete lie. The Collection was not cohesive, the only cohesian was in the color scheme. There was no feeling of any sort of strory behind the collection, no mystery, no innovation. To be honest it looks like a college student’s first lookbook for a local store. There is no way that Rachel Zoe should be showing at New York Fashion Week. Fashion Week is an honor & privellege to be a part of, afterall numerous designers yearn & dream to show in the tents. She is a stylist & should remain a styist, as I’ve said numerous times, I have nothing against her personally as I do not know her. However, her fashion sense within her own collection is a tad bit questionable.


Click the above photo to be taken directly to the Lookbook.

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