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L’Histoire de Mode~ “The Father of Haute Couture” pt. I


Charles Frederick Worth

Although I’d love to just write about Mr. Worth to the ends

of Earth, this is afterall a blog & most people are like rats on crack so

I must keep it short. However, the link to the wiki page is connected

to his name. I am just going to sum it up for you right here. I was

obsessed with the man in college because of one of my

instructors, JS (I don’t know if I

have permission to

post her name).



Charles Frederick Worth was born in England, 13 October 1825.

He worked for several London drapery shops prior to moving to

Paris in 1846. His big break came when he was hired by a famous

Parisian drapery house where he met his wife, Marie Vernet, one

of the houses models.  (At this time models were used strictly for

draping shawls, hats, and other accessories of the time.)  He began

making dresses for her & other women began to ask him to make

copies for them. Worth began using his wife as his in house model

in which she would be used for both samples and showings within

the boutique, as result Marie Vernet became the world’s first Super

Model (Take that Janice Dickinson!!). This gained him fame and

he caught the attention of Eugénie de Montijo a.k.a Empress

Eugénie, wife of Napolean III (the French emperor). Eventually

he made the garments for the rest of her court. The next patron

to his talent was Pauline von Metternich, Princess of Austria.

Patrons came from New York and Boston came to see his

work and buy them.



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